Our Story

Celebrate the Hero started in January 2012 as an anti-bullying program that primarily focused on the good and positive that students are capable of doing in hopes to curb some of the negative behaviours that occur in schools.

Our interactive program would begin with an assembly presentation and was followed up with classroom visits for kindergarten to grade 8 by the staff and volunteers of Celebrate the Hero.

After over five years of programming, many schools, and thousands and thousands of students, Celebrate the Hero has shifted efforts to better serve the 21st-century learner. Now, along with offering our school class visits and program, Celebrate the Hero can now teach more students by offering our services online. This will allow for us to better serve you as well as be able to offer the quality of programs our clients are accustomed to.

Our mission is simple: inspire students of all ages to propagate good through action, as well as reach and connect with hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. We are excited about the launch of our new primary program and are already hard at work adding to the growing catalogue of programming that makes up Celebrate the Hero.

We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you all as we move towards our mission by positively influencing and inspiring our worlds’ youth to lead by example, make good choices, and become exactly the people they are meant to be.


Nick Foley